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This Little Girl Sang Fetty Wap At Her Dead Fish’s Funeral

'679' never sounded so sad.

Have you ever lost a pet?

The experience can be extremely painful. One little girl recently found this out when she lost her pet goldfish, Nemo.

Jazmyne Gleaton

YouTuber Jazmyne Gleaton uploaded the clip recently with a very simple message:

"My little sister had a funeral for her Goldfish Nemo. Their favorite song was '679' by Fetty Wap."

That's right. To remember Nemo, this young Fetty fan sang the fish’s favorite track. Well, she actually struggled to get the words out while sobbing. And what resulted was perhaps the most heartbreaking (and we hate to say, adorably funny) rendition of that song ever.

Clearly, some humans want Fetty featured at their funerals too. At least, that's what some folks are saying on Twitter:

Here's a look at the full adorable, heart-melting version of "679."