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'The Originals': Klaus And Elijah Come Together To Uncover Lucien's True Motives In This Exclusive Clip

What is Lucien's deal, anyway? The swoon-worthy Mikaelson brothers discuss.

The Trinity is already stirring up serious trouble on "The Originals."

With tensions running high in the French Quarter, Klaus and Elijah are forced to come together in this week's episode, "I'll See You In Hell Or New Orleans," in order to uncover Lucien's (Andrew Lees) true motives. Elijah obviously knows Lucien lied to Klaus, his sire, about the werewolf "scratch" on his arm, so now the bigger question is why?

Did Lucien really come to New Orleans to warn Klaus about the impending war among the Original family's sire lines? Freya's prophecy -- "beware both friend and foe" -- is sounding pretty important right about now.

In this exclusive clip from the episode, Elijah and Klaus discuss the trouble brewing in the Quarter. Klaus clearly resorts to violence, while Elijah, ever the more tactical brother, wants answers first: