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What You Didn't See On TV At Tracy Morgan's Triumphant Return To 'SNL'

By now you've probably caught up on Tracy Morgan's grand homecoming to "Saturday Night Live." You happy-cried when he faked you out during his monologue and then called Lorne Michaels his Obi-Wan Kenobi. You stood up clapping when he sassed a real-life camel during "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet." You belly-laughed when he hit the final punchline in "Astronaut Jones." It's enough to make you wish that you were there. Well, I was lucky enough to actually be sitting in the studio audience for the live show, and let me tell you, it was just as magical an experience as you could have expected it to be. To quell your FOMO, here are some things that happened that night that you didn't see on TV.

  • Alec Baldwin started the show before the show.
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    You saw Alec make his debut that night as Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb and then showed up again reprising his role as Jack Donaghy in Tracy's monologue, but before the show even started, Alec hammed it up for the folks waiting in line, even as serious instructions were being given about where to go and what to do once inside.

  • Larry David and the cast of "30 Rock" weren't the only famous friends there.

    Those waiting in line were treated to entrances by Jon Hamm, Rachel Dratch and Mary-Kate Olsen, and Nick Jonas was there to cheer on Demi. Those, of course, were only the people I saw, who knows how many more -- Jimmy Fallon? Seth Meyers? -- turned up for the historic show.

  • Anyone waiting in line knew what classic characters would make comebacks.
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    Or rather, anyone waiting in line who recognized that the Brian Fellow and Astronaut Jones set pieces were just chilling in the hallway (so, superfans like me) would know.

  • That camel was exactly as huge as it looked.

    It was impossible to miss Elizabeth when her handler and Aidy Bryant brought her in. I'm still not sure where they were keeping her when it wasn't her time to be on stage.

  • Lorne Michaels was particularly invested in this show. Understandably.
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    Living in New York, you're afforded more opportunities than most to hit up the various shows under Lorne Michaels' umbrella -- "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and "SNL" -- and more often than not, you'll be treated to a cameo from Lorne. This being a particularly special show and Lorne and Tracy having a particularly special relationship, Lorne was extra-present.

  • Tracy had an atypical green room situation.

    Rather than have Tracy run all the way backstage to the green room he had likely been using all week, the production crew appeared to have constructed a special green room just off the stage to minimize the amount he had to run back and forth between sketches and allowing for more time to get his Brian Fellow lip gloss juuuuust right.

  • We might not have seen the digital short "Standoff" that night.
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    A mysterious “farm to table" set was built and then struck immediately. This all went down just before "Standoff" was played -- seemingly instead of the live sketch.

  • Even (and especially) off camera, Tracy lit up the room.
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    Those throwback "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet" and "Astronaut Jones" graphic opens were gifts from the nostalgia gods, but what you didn't get to see was that Tracy was singing along to both of the theme songs. Demi beamed at him the whole time during "Astronaut Jones," and it was super adorable. I cried during both.