Cooper Neill/LP5/Getty Images for TAS

Ellie Goulding Joins Taylor Swift For A Sparkly 'Love Me Like You Do'

The pair joined up for the 'Fifty Shades' song in Dallas.

Over the summer, we predicted that Taylor Swift was on a very specific mission throughout her 1989 World Tour: to recruit every artist with a potential song of the summer to perform said song on stage with her. It kind of came true, but there were some notable exceptions (Jack Ü, what's good?).

However, Saturday night's show in Dallas is proof that Tay's closing the gap. In the grand tradition of bringing out very special guests, Tay welcomed Ellie Goulding to the stage for a sparkle-centric rendition of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" soundtrack cut "Love Me Like You Do."

Shout out to Swift for rocking the mummy look on her thumb after slicing it with a kitchen knife, as she mentioned on Instagram on Saturday.

"Band aids don't fix kitchen knife-related injuries.?," she wrote.

And shout out to Goulding for not rocking her active wear, as much as she'd probably like to.

Now you're probably saying, "Hey, wait a minute -- 'Love Me Like You Do' came out in January, and the movie was out for Valentine's Day, which means the song isn't really a song of the summer, which means your whole hypothesis is null and void!" You're correct on the dates, astute reader. But by plenty of accounts, Fetty Wap's wonderful "Trap Queen" was a potential song of the summer, despite it being released in April...of 2014. So let's chill with the accusations here.

It's not about chronology. It's about Taylor and Ellie teaming up -- as they did in Tay's bombastic "Bad Blood" video where Ellie played "Destructa X" -- to sing a great song. It's about putting on a good show.

And as always, it's about the #squad.