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31 Tiny Tattoos That'll Bring Out Your Inner Kendall Jenner

The perfect minimalist tattoos for every occasion.

We all know Kendall Jenner got some really sweet minimalistic tattoos earlier this year by tattoo artist Jon Boy.

The New York-based tattoo artist inked our favorite model with her very first tattoos -- a simple white dot on her middle finger and matching heart tattoos with bestie Hailey Baldwin, a la those BFFs necklaces we all used to rock.

While simple, Kendall's preferred style of minimalistic tattoos is definitely all the rage right now. The simple elegance of a graphic minimal tattoo is getting heaps of appreciation and acknowledgment from tattoo enthusiasts all across the world, and with the wide adoration for "tiny tattoos" steadily growing, there are tons of people queueing up to show off their best looks. Here are a few noteworthy minimalist tattoos on the internet right now.

  1. The Petite Harry Potter Enthusiast
  2. The Simple Paper Crane
  3. The Wee Geometric Bird
  4. The Teeny-Tiny Heart
  5. The Pint-Sized Punctuation...

    ...with a big message.

  6. The Bitty Busy Bee
  7. The Travel-Sized Treble
  8. The Humble One Direction Supporter
  9. The Simple Overlapping Circles
  10. The Diminutive Constellation
  11. The Minuscule Pokémon Pixels
  12. The Microscopic Chemical Makeup
  13. The Humble Heartbeat
  14. The Littlest Unicorn
  15. The Narrow Path To ~Enlightenment~
  16. The Baby Mickey
  17. The Young Rose
  18. The Simple Pattern
  19. The Succinct Reminder
  20. The Smol Kitty Face
  21. The Pint-Sized Black Cat
  22. The Modest Protection From The Evil Eye
  23. The Minuscule Jet-Setter
  24. The Undersized Anchor
  25. The Inconsequential Umbrella
  26. The Minute Planet
  27. The Pocket-Sized Queen Of Diamonds
  28. The Lilliputian Lotus
  29. The Infinitesimal Eeyore
  30. The Untroublesome Runes
  31. And of course, another minikin lightning bolt to always remember the magic!