JR Hennessey / Twitter

This Guy Got Halloween Pranked By His Friends In The Best Way Possible

Major #squadgoals right here.

This past Halloween, a writer named JR Hennessey got pranked by his friends in a hilariously epic way.

Just like many of us, Hennessey has a Twitter account. This was his profile picture for most of the year:

Understandably, his friends became obsessed with the "cool surfer dude" vibe his photo gave off, and after making memes of it earlier this year (there's a lot of them), they all decided to commemorate Hennessey's righteous surf-bro-tasticness the only way they knew how: by dressing up as his profile picture for Halloween.

Hennessey had no idea this was happening -- so, when he saw 17 of his friends dressed up as him, he took to Twitter to air his grievances:

Since the internet caught on to Hennessey and his friends' exploits through his tweets, they've gone extremely viral -- on Tumblr alone, a screenshot of his tweets been reblogged more than 66,000 times.

Hennessey also tweeted that his Twitter mentions are "flooded with American teens quoting the tweet with 'YES FAM YES' and 'HALLOWEEN ON FLEEK.'"

We totally agree. ? ?