Move Over, Science Bros -- Here's Why Hulk And Thor Should Be The Next Big Broship

What should their ship name be? Gamma Hammer? Punching Bros?

After a few days of rumors, it's finally official: Mark Ruffalo is in final negotiations to reprise his role as the Hulk in "Thor: Ragnarok," marking the character's first appearance in a non-"Avengers" movie since he took over from Eric Bana and Edward Norton.

Not much else is known about how the giant green rage monster will make his appearance in this movie, but it's also been rumored that it will take place in a location other than Earth or Asgard, and from the title we know that it'll probably have something to do with a terrifying apocalypse. Oh, and also we know that Tom Hiddleston and Jaime Alexander are coming back as Loki and Sif. Hooray!

What we also know is that despite not getting a whole lot of screen time together in the past, we have every confidence that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Bruce Banner are totally going to be best buds for life after this movie. Here's why after "Thor: Ragnarok," the world will be shipping Gamma Hammer as the new Science Bros:

  1. They both have similar fighting styles.

    I know, I know -- how can you have a similar fighting style as the Hulk? Because like him, Thor is a very "hit people with heavy stuff, ask questions later" kind of guy. The Hulk maybe won't be interested in swapping battle tips, but at least they both get each other on a fundamental level.

  2. And they're also pretty evenly matched.

    Thor's the only other Avenger that comes close to being able to take on the Hulk (without super advanced Hulk-bustin' armor, of course), because not even the Hulk can lift his mighty hammer -- heck, Bruce doesn't even want to try anymore after that first embarrassing time. So Bruce can be a lot more comfortable around Thor than he can be with most people, because he doesn't have to worry too much about what will happen if he gets out of control.

  3. Thor loves hanging out with science nerds.

    Remember how great it was when Jane Foster came to Asgard for the first time and started investigating all the technology around her? Imagine how Bruce Banner would react to that. Adorable, right? And you can bet Thor would have lots of fun explaining how things in his world work to him. It's not the same as when Banner and Tony Stark start science-ing at each other and literally no one can understand them, but it would be an awesome way for the two heroes to bond.

  4. Thor's also not very easily fazed.

    Banner's always worried that people will treat him like he's a monster -- or worse, treat him with kid gloves so he doesn't turn into a monster. While Thor might not have understood the Hulk when the Avengers first teamed up, in the comics he respects the Other Guy as a mighty warrior. He's also not weirded out by the supernatural or by scientific abnormalities, because he's literally a Norse God who can summon lightning and thunder. A guy who can turn into a giant green wrecking-ball probably isn't weirder than bilge snipes and frost giants, right?

  5. And let's face it, Bruce needs more friends.

    He gets along with Iron Man and he's clearly got something going on with Black Widow, but other than that he doesn't really ever hang out with anyone else from the Avengers on a one-on-one basis. You know who's really good at getting people to come out of their shells? Thor. Dude knows how to throw a rockin' Asgardian party.