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Chrissy Teigen's Pregnancy Is All About Barfing And French Fries -- So, Same

Chrissy's pregnancy tweets are all of us.

Now that she and hubby John Legend have shared their happy news about their baby bun in the oven, Chrissy Teigen is letting us in on the baby-making process with some real talk about what it's like to be a pregnant lady right now.

Nausea: The struggle is real.

Some women are lucky enough to float through the first trimester with barely a smell aversion, but others of us (hand raised high right here!) have/had the full joy of using Seabands, ginger ale, crackers and anything else under the sun that might quell that all-day-long-morning-sickness-my-foot feeling of YUCK. Chrissy clearly counts herself among the latter. ?

Carbs are a lifesaver.

When in doubt, turn to carbs. Pizza, potatoes, bread -- all of it. She knows what's up.

But cravings can be way inconvenient.

Whether it's ice cream and pickles at 2 a.m. per clichés or McDonald's french fries during their limited window of off-menuness, cravings often come when they're most difficult to satisfy. TRUTH.

Plus, you totally start seeing the world in a concerning light.

Lottttts of problems here, guys, and the bbs deserve better WTF WTF.

Mmmmm bacon.

But but but ... the nitrites! Dammit!