Friendly Reminder: Racist Costume Makeup Is Racist

This $2 makeup kit helps kids look 'African,' 'Indian' or 'Chinese.' Oooof.

Repeat after us: It's never, ever okay to change your skin color to that of marginalized group for a costume (especially if your costume plays into other harmful stereotypes.)

It's called blackface, brownface or yellowface and, yeah, it's racist.

Imgur user booinglasgow stumbled upon an example of this in a costume store in Glasgow, Scotland, where, next to the fake blood and pointy elf ears, there were $2 kits that let kids (presumedly white ones, if the boxes are any indication) do "African," "Indian" and "Chinese" makeup.

The problems with blackface, yellowface and brownface run deep -- throughout history, popular culture mocked and dehumanized people of color using harmful stereotypes and exaggerated, cartoon-y costumes. These racist images managed to make it into stage shows, movies and even children's cartoons.

Youtuber Kat Blaque explains the damaging parts of minstrelsy and some of the reoccurring archetypes that have lasting (and hurtful effects) on people of color today.

"It conjures old feelings and perpetuates the history of white actors darkening their skin to dehumanize black people," Blaq says in her video. "Black Face has been used to make arguments for slavery and why African Americans should have limited human rights."

We hope no one actually wants to perpetuate lame-ass stereotypes or hurt their friends' feelings during Halloweekend festivities. If that's not enough to sway you away from using this super messed-up tactic this Halloween, we've made a nifty little flow-chart to help you figure out if your costume is offensive or a-okay.

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