What Makes Becky G 'Break A Sweat’?

And what makes her swipe left?

Becky G's latest single is guaranteed to make you sweat with its infectious beat and catchy lyrics.

"Break A Sweat" is all about the singer taking on a much more mature sound and incorporating that with some sexy lyrics about a guy who better "put in work if you wanna play."

So, what makes Becky G break a sweat? Well, we caught up with the pop singer, who recently had a guest star spot on the hit series "Empire", to find out what she would "Sweat or Swipe Left" for. Basically, we had her pretend that she was on Tinder and gave her a list of people, places and things, and she had to tell us who would get her approval and who she would dismiss.

Watch the video to find out if Becky sweats Nicki Minaj and if she would swipe left for Jennifer Lopez.