Gabrielle Union Hilariously Parodies Rihanna, The Weeknd And More

Mitch better have her money.

Real quick question: is there anyone more charming and talented than Gabrielle Union? Quicker answer: Nah.

Union guested on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" last night (October 12), and in addition to the typical guest interview segment, Union also recorded a skit with Fallon that brings the genre to new levels. The duo played a principal and vice principal who take enormous pride in their extra-entertaining morning announcements.

You'll never be able to hear The Weeknd's hit song "I Can't Feel My Face" without panicking that your school has blocked the internet and you won't be able to check Facebook for HOURS. As for Mitch...well, he better have my money, if you know what Union means.

Check out the clip below.