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Emilia Clarke Gets Real (And Topless) For This Sexiest Woman Alive Shoot

Clarke tells Esquire how she really feels about Dany Targaryen's most controversial scenes.

Many fans of HBO's "Game of Thrones" -- minus those of us who are #TeamNatalieDormerForLife -- would probably agree that Emilia Clarke is currently the sexiest woman on Earth. But it took a recent photo shoot from Esquire to prove it, in which the mag turned the curvy brunette into a modern incarnation of Marilyn for its "Sexiest Woman Alive 2015" shoot.

Of course the mag interviewed the "Terminator: Genisys" star as well -- getting the "dirt" on everything from her posh London home to her tea selection to her boarding school education -- and revealed some interesting details about how Clarke was almost never Daenerys Targaryen at all. Her agent called her up after the original pilot for the show had already been shot with actress Tamzin Merchant, and this time around, one actress' misfortune was the opportunity of a lifetime for Clarke.

"My agent told the casting director, 'I know that the breakdown for this character is tall and willowy and blonde. I know she's short and round and brown, but I'd like you to see her,'" Clarke said. "I had two scenes which told me nothing, and not very much time in which to read all those [George R. R. Martin] books. So I did what every good actor does and Wikipedia'd the living crap out of it."

... Glad we're not the only ones.

Also, Clarke revealed that her Season 1 scenes with Jason Momoa's Khal Drogo -- one of them being a rape scene -- were often very emotionally trying behind the scenes.

"Once, I had to take a little time out," Clarke said. "I said I needed a cup of tea, had a bit of a cry, and was ready for the next scene."