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Here's How To Get One Of Lauren Conrad's Favorite Halloween Looks

When it comes to Halloween costumes, Lauren Conrad is a DIY expert. Last year, she showed us how to make a mermaid costume, shell-covered bra and all. The year before, she taught us the art of tying tulle for a Tooth Fairy costume.

While LC hasn't shared what she's doing this year yet, we're taking inspo from her anyway, turning our attention to one of her favorite costumes: a flapper! How do I know it's her favorite, you ask? Well, she's said it herself and—!!!—she dressed up as one in 2007 and 2008, do the math.

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For her second (that we know of...) flapper costume, Lauren went the classic route, complete with a fringe dress, feather headband, and boa. While those are all reasonably easy to get, her waves and eyeliner are not—fortunately, Lauren was kind enough to share tutorials with The Beauty Department.

In this video, she shares the secret to achieving her always perfect, sleek waves, which, BTW, you should probably consider for days that aren't Halloween.

This one breaks down the secrets behind her glam, yet era-appropriate, makeup—here's hoping watching this video on repeat will lead to perfect cat eyeliner application for the rest of time.

With a little practice you'll be Halloween-ready in no time—and, of course, if you're not feeling flapper this year, Lauren has plenty of other costume ideas you may wanna steal for yourself.