Jordin Sparks Battles It Out In New Singing Competition On 'Middle Of The Night'

Watch the crooner go head-to-head with funnyman Brian Murphy.

Jordin Sparks is a vocal powerhouse -- but could the "American Idol" champion succeed at a singing competition on no sleep?

During tonight's "Middle of the Night Show" installment, frontman Brian "Murph" Murphy forced the "Double Tap" crooner out of bed (literally) during the wee hours for a head-to-head match called "Musical Taboo."

The premise of the showdown game: The players had to describe something we all know (in this case, musicians) -- without using commonly associated words -- until the audience could guess the answer. But this late-night version had a tuneful twist: The host's hints had to be performed like karaoke.

"I have scarfs on my microphone, and I have a big mouuuuth!" crooned Murph. "Do you remember that movie with Ben Affleck? He was making animal crackers dance on that girl's stomaaaaaach!" Listen, we all have a special place in our hearts for Aerosmith (and Ben Affleck), but that is a very confusing clue.

Can Sparks keep up with lightning-fast comedian Murph? How did the funnyman's skills stack up next to the golden-throated star? See how they did in the rollicking clip below, and don't miss the next “Middle of the Night Show” on Thursday at 11/10c!