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11 Reasons You Need To Watch (Or Rewatch!) ‘The Craft’ This Halloween

Now is the time. This is the hour.

Getting tired of returning to the same slasher flicks and Tim Burton musicals every Halloween? Have you seen "Hocus Pocus" so many times already that you can quote every line by heart? Then there's another movie you need to add to your spooky movie rotation (if its not there already, of course) which you're sure to never get sick of -- "The Craft."

While the movie first came out in 1996, it's come back into the pop zeitgeist in a big way this year -- not only was it recently parodied to perfection in the Little Mix music video for "Black Magic," but it might even be getting a remake soon. In the meantime, the original film, starring Robin Tuney, Fairuza Balk, Rachel True and Neve Campbell, will totally blow your knee high socks off with how great it is. Here's why it's totally worth buying (not renting!) and watching over and over again:

  1. First of all, the fashion is amazing.
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    Into the '90s goth catholic school girl aesthetic? This movie is where that was first invented. Get ready for all the chokers, pleated skirts, eyeliner, and black nail polish you can possibly handle.

  2. Those slumber party scenes are also relatable as heck.
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    You might never have gotten one of your friends to levitate, but you definitely played "Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board" with them more times than any of you can count -- and every once in a while it felt like maybe you could all unlock your magic powers together if you believed hard enough.

  3. And believe it or not, all of those witchcraft scenes were accurate.
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    The director of "The Craft" actually consulted a real Wiccan high priestess, Pat Devin (her official title is "High Priestess of Covenant of the Goddess"). The only thing that isn't a real aspect of Wicca is Manon, the deity that the girls call during their Invocation ritual -- which, if you actually believe in Wicca and don't want a bunch of movie-watching kids trying to call the oldest spirit in existence, makes sense. All that research and accuracy definitely makes the movie feel more rich and layered than your average spirit-filled nonsense.

  4. Admit it, we all wanted to be witches at some point in our lives.
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    When you look beyond the stereotypes of evil old witches eating children and poisoning princesses, there's something about witchcraft that's just so compelling; it makes you feel like there's order to the universe and that you can control it yourself if you know the right words and have the right ingredients. Plus, all those ingredients are stuff you'd kind of feel cool having in your home anyway -- like crystals, candles and sweet-smelling herbs.

  5. Plus, sometimes we all kinda want to feel a little dangerous.

    The cigarette-smoking, leather-jacket wearing antihero is a huge figure in movies and TV, but more often than not it's a guy who's confusing all our moral compasses. Women, in contrast, tend to be innocent darlings or terrible femme fatales with no in between. "The Craft" gave its characters -- and us, by extension -- a chance to flirt with that same kind of darkness just a little bit.

  6. It was also just super empowering, let's be real.
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    What girl didn't grow up wanting to have powers when she was little? What teenager didn't want to stroll into high school feeling like they owned it? Who didn't want to change their hair with a flick of their wrist? Come on, you know you're on board for that.

  7. The movie totally made us believe in girl power.
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    The ladies of "The Craft" were at peak awesomeness when they were all working together and helping each other cast spells as a team. It wasn't until Nancy started to get really power hungry that their friendships all fell apart. And speaking of which...

  8. It also reminds us that bullies come in all forms.
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    Oh, sure, you're going to meet people like the pretty blond racist who says horrible things to Rochelle, and they're easy to ignore because you know how wrong they are at first sight. But when your friends start engaging in toxic, abusive behavior, like Nancy does, it can be really hard to break away and do the right thing.

  9. And it taught us valuable lessons about the impact we have on others.
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    The Wiccan threefold states that whatever energy you put into the world, be it positive or negative, will come back to you three times as much -- and "The Craft" does a very good job of making us want to be less negative people, that's for sure.

  10. Oh, and it totally freaked us out, of course.
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    "The Craft" wouldn't be a legit Halloween movie if it didn't terrify you just a little bit, right? And this movie certainly has a lot to put you on the edge of your seat, even without the use of magic -- like the scene where Chris almost rapes Sarah while under the influence of a love spell, or the part where Nancy actually rapes Chris by changing her identity. And don't even get us started on the end, which has everything from snakes to horrifying psychological gaslighting.

  11. All in all, it's the best movie about teenage witches that you'll ever watch.
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    Sorry, Sabrina. Better luck next time.