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Ciara Responded To Haters Who Think She Cursed Russell Wilson

She isn't having it.

Seattle Seahawks fans were so pissed their team started the NFL season by losing two back-to-back games, they didn't know who to blame. So, some of them aimed their rage at a person who's on the field zero percent of the time: Ciara, whose boyfriend, Russell Wilson, happens to be the team's quarterback.

But none of this bothered CiCi.

"It comes with territory," the singer told Rolling Stone. "I think that this is a job; I wake up every day doing exactly what I love and what I dreamed of. So the best thing to do is focus on that. You also realize when people say negative things about you [that] you're still living your dream. When people say those types of comments, you know, that's silly. It's clearly silly."

There you go, silly haters.

This isn't the first time Ciara's "curse" has been discussed. Back in 2013, Charlamagne spoke about it too. "There’s a curse of Ciara,” he said at the time. “Everybody she’s ever dealt with has gone ice cold…That curse of Ciara is real."

Thankfully, the Seahawks have won their last two games and are now 2-2, so the fuss has died down a bit. Still, Ciara isn't alone here. Drake dealt with a similar situation when fans said he cursed Serena Williams. Before that, Dallas Cowboys fans said Jessica Simpson hexed Tony Romo. And some folks even said Rihanna cursed NBA star J.R. Smith. Ciara's aware of all that and more.

"It's happened to people in our world, it's not a new thing when people say things," she added. "I choose to focus on the positive and focus on the cool things that are truly happening. That's how I live my life, and I have to say life is good. Clearly those things don't make any sense."