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Fetty Wap's Favorite Accomplishment Has Nothing To Do With Music

Plus, he counts lots of money in this new video profile.

Fetty Wap may be a worldwide star, but what's most important to the "679" rapper has nothing to do with album sales or hits or the places he's been to. It's his survival, and looking after the people he cares about.

"My favorite accomplishment is that I didn't go to jail," he says in Noisey's "Fetty Wap And The Zoo Gang: Noisey Raps." "I lived to see 24. I still get to see my kids -- I don't have to worry about how I'm gonna take care of them no more."

It's not just his blood family that gives Fetty his pulse. It's also his extended family -- the people he grew up with. He's still got his hometown in his heart.

In addition to tagging along as Fetty and co. move around on the streets of New York and his native Paterson, New Jersey, the video joins the rap star at a show, where, backstage, he proudly points to everyone in the crowded room backstage and boasts that they're from a shared hometown.

Beyond showing love for his crew, we also see how well Fetty is doing. Financially.

"Let's play a game: How much money you think Fetty Wap carry around?" he says to the camera, while walking on the NYC streets.

"It's Tuesday, right? How much you think in my left pocket?" he wonders, before pulling out a wad of cash and counting it. "It's like 15 racks."

Not a bad start.

"How much you think in my right pocket?" More counting. "That's like ten."

Happy Tuesday.