'Empire': You Can't Keep Cookie Down -- Or Can You? -- In 'Fires Of Heaven'

The ish hit the fan during tonight's episode of "Empire."

Revenge is a dish best served cold, or so they say. But if you're Cookie Lyon, you serve that ish on the damn floor.

The first season of "Empire" saw Lucious and Cookie fighting for control of the empire; this season, Cookie is coming for that empire -- and she wants to crush it. Lucious isn't going to make it easy for her, of course. Not with all of the dirty tricks he has up his Tom Ford sleeves. Here's what down in Season 2, Episode 3 of "Empire":

  • Lucious is a free man.

    When Lucious got out of prison, there was one stipulation: he wasn't allowed back into Empire Entertainment until his trial is over. This isn't the best news for Jamal, whose songwriting has taken a serious hit from the pressure of running the Empire. Of course, Lucious was too busy planning a homecoming party at Leviticus to really care all that much.

  • Most awkward family dinner ever.

    Lucious invites Cookie, Jamal, Andre, Rhonda and Hakeem over for dinner only to give them an ultimatum: either shut down Lyon Dynasty or face the consequences. Cookie, keeping it 100, told Lucious exactly where he could shove his fancy serving platter... and then she proceeded to drag the table runner, along with everyone's food, with her out the door like a QUEEN.

  • Lyon Dynasty wages war.

    Cookie and Hakeem highjack Lucious' party with a little surprise of their own. During Jamal and Pitbull's ~rousing~ performance of "No Doubt About It," the house lights suddenly went down and Hakeem (and Timbaland!) drip-dropped the sickest Empire diss track. At Lucious’s own party. In front of his best friends and family. Cookie sent Lucious a message loud and clear: Lyon Dynasty ain't nothing to f--k with, bb.

  • Menage a Trois?

    RIP Rainbow Sensation. We hardly even knew you. Instead, Hakeem signed Menage a Trois, lead by his muse/girlfriend Valentina (Becky G). After Hakeem (stupidly) agreed to have his girl group make their debut on Sway's radio show, Cookie had to whip these girls into shape. Especially Valentina, whose superstar confidence doesn't gel with Cookie's no-nonsense policy. (Cookie was legit seconds away from pulling out her broom.) Eventually Menage a Trois got their act together, and surprisingly, they sounded great together. Maybe Hakeem really does know what he's doing... if only he was a better judge of character.

  • Lucious gets his revenge.

    At Andre's suggestion, Lucious acquired Apex radio and all 200+ stations under its umbrella. As Cookie and Hakeem are readying Menage a Trois for their debut on Sway’s radio show, Lucious sauntered in, and broke the news to them in person -- with Hakeem's leading lady Valentina by his side. It seems someone wasn't as loyal to Lyon Dynasty as Hakeem thought. Lucious signed Valentina to Empire.

    Empire's acquisition of Apex means bad news for Cookie. Her artists, including Hakeem, won't get any play on Apex stations. Of course, this is Cookie we're talking about here.

    "You keep forgetting Lucious, you can’t keep Cookie down," she reminded him before leaving the station. If Cookie can survive 17 years in prison, there's no way she's going to let this set her back. Maybe it's time to find ~viral~ talent... like Lucious' rapper-muse Freda.