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'Supernatural': The Darkness Is Only The Beginning For The Winchesters

The season 11 premiere had zombie-like creatures, curses and a whole lot of Darkness.

When we last left Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester, things went from 0 to 100 real quick.

After Dean called on Death (Julian Richings) to kill him, Death explained that if Dean were to die with the Mark of Cain still on his arm, an unimaginable evil known as The Darkness would engulf the world. So, Death would relocate Dean somewhere he would never be able to harm someone again. Because Sam would never stop looking for Dean, Death told Dean he must kill his little brother. But Dean killed Death instead, ironically saying, "I think I just killed Death.

Meanwhile, Rowena (Ruth Connell) was forced by Crowley (Mark Sheppard) to kill the only living thing she ever loved, in order to complete the spell that'll free Dean from the Mark. Once she succeeded, she cast a spell on Castiel (Misha Collins), forcing him to attack Crowley. When the Mark leaves Dean's arm, The Darkness is unleashed. As Sam and Dean jump into Baby, The Darkness swallowed them up.

Check out our rundown of the eight biggest moments on "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire."

  1. The Darkness as Savior
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    Apparently The Darkness was actually this super hot chick. Who knew? She rescued Dean from her storm and thanked him for unleashing her from her prison. (She just left Sam chillin' in the car, but don't worry, he and his luscious hair were fine.) There were several flashbacks of Dean remembering his time with Girl Who Doesn't Have A Name, and he told her Death spoke about her. However, she claimed to have never heard of Death.

  2. Castiel's curse
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    As the Angel of our Lord cowered in a barn, he remembered he killed Crowley by stabbing him multiple times in the back. A red mist-like substance emanated from Crowley and traveled down a drain. His soul, perhaps? (Or whatever the likes of Crowley had for a soul.) Still suffering from Rowena's (Ruth Connell) spell, Castiel refused to believe Crowley was dead. When the owners of the barn he was squatting in found him, Castiel ran off, trying to pull himself together. He later prayed to his angel brothers and sisters for help.

  3. Bye-Bye, humans
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    Sam and Dean encountered several dead bodies, as well as some dudes with weird, veiny things on their necks. After killing them, Sam pointed out those guys weren't human. The Winchesters tried to assess their situation with two people they met up with along the way: Jenna Nickerson (Laci J. Mailey) and Mike Schneider (Aaron Hill). Mike had a baby girl, but admitted he could feel himself turning into one of those things after their blood got into his system. He gave Jenna his baby girl and left, so as to not risk trying to hurt them. He eventually returned, but died shortly afterwards.

    The good news about this vein-neck thing: The affected could be easily killed via gunshot, PLUS they had a shelf life — after so many hours, they dropped like flies. The bad news? Their disease/curse/anomaly was transmittable if a person came into contact with their blood, which is what happened with Mike. The non-humans acted like some sort of super zombie, grunting instead of speaking, but moving much faster than the villains did in "Night of the Living Dead."

  4. JK, Crowley lives
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    After Crowley's soul left his body, it traveled through the underground sewage system and rose out of a gutter to possess a suburban woman. Crowley-as-woman goes into the woman's house, only to find out her husband was planning on throwing her a killer birthday party — an orgy, actually. Turns out, it was her idea. Crowley eventually killed everyone, but not until after the orgy, because the King of Hell had needs too.

  5. Sam's "Come to Jesus" speech
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    Tired of killing first and asking questions later, Sam told Dean they need a new plan. What they've been doing lately clearly wasn't working out very well for them, or anyone else for that matter. Sam called out Dean, saying they needed to save everyone -- not just the baby, and not just themselves. A few classic pouty faces later, Dean agreed.

    After the brothers split up to cover more ground, Sam was attacked by a super zombie and killed her, but not before she spilled her blood on him. When other super zombies ambushed him, they stopped, realizing he was now one of them. Later, Sam reluctantly lifted his shirt to see the black veins on his neck. Did he let Dean know? Nope, of course not. He told Dean he would stay behind and look for a cure, while Dean took Jennifer and the baby to safety.

  6. Crowley 2.0
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    Once Crowley's soul returned to his body, he greeted his men, saying, "Daddy's home." However, the men were very anxious about several rumors that The Darkness had been released. Crowley said The Darkness was only a myth, a type of boogeyman scary story, but his demon henchman weren't convinced.

  7. Captured Castiel
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    After Castiel told Dean and Sam he didn't know about The Darkness being a woman, two angels arrived to meet Castiel. Sensing their presence, Castiel told the Winchesters it might be some time before they saw each other again. Then he dramatically hung up. Classic Cas.

    The angels took him to this dreary dungeon-like room, telling him they moved the entrance to Heaven. Castiel thought they were going to take him to Heaven, but after chaining him up, he realized this was far from the truth. He started to scream as they placed a black hood over his head.

  8. Dean and The Darkness
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    The Darkness told Dean the two of them would always be connected. He stared at her in disbelief, but then she revealed a small version of the Mark of Cain right below her shoulder. Shortly after, as Jennifer was changing the baby's diaper, we caught a glimpse of the same mark on the baby. Dun dun dun!