Watch Baby Ellen Page Try Out Her Stand-Up On 'Conan'

Did it make you LOL?

Ever wonder what path Ellen Page would have taken if she hadn't become the moving actress we've seen in "Juno," the "X-Men" movies, the upcoming "Freeheld" and more? Well, take a glimpse into the past for one of the paths she never took: that of stand-up comedian.

Page appeared on "Conan" last night (October 6) to promote "Freeheld," in which she stars alongside Julianne Moore. She also showed off a tape of her 23-year-old self performing stand-up in an audition to appear on Conan's show. Meta.

She speaks into a hairbrush and makes jokes about vegans' choice to eat honey or not. We simply can't imagine why her career as a stand-up never took off.

Check out the clip below.