Bye, Waldo: 'Middle Of The Night Show' Plays 'Where's Weirdo?' In Times Square

Binoculars and walkie talkies? Check!

All sorts of unique people flock to Times Square in broad daylight, but who's hanging out on the infamous midtown Manhattan strip during those wee hours? Apparently, a few interesting folks, as evidenced by the "Middle of the Night" crew's super sleuthing.

In a sneak peek from the premiere episode below (don't miss it tomorrow night at 11/10c!) frontman Brian “Murph” Murphy and celebrity guest host Thomas Middleditch flock to the bright lights of Broadway for a "MOTNS" showdown entitled "Where's Weirdo." At 2:16 a.m., no less. The goal of the game? Take it away, Murph!

"Somewhere in this crowd are a bunch of weirdos Thomas and I have to find," the comedian explains to the "Silicon Valley" actor, as the duo (equipped with walkie talkies and binoculars) perch above the crowds at the MTV offices while page Alex and cue card gal Anu stand below. "After we spot one, we’ll radio our partners on the ground who will race to catch them using our directions."

Whoever finds the conveniently placed, uniquely dressed folks -- including a mermaid tourist and a man in a 1970s pimp outfit -- wins the match and a very special prize. So who will race to glory first? Watch the video to find out, and be sure to catch the premiere of "Middle of the Night Show" tomorrow night at 11/10c!