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Rick Ross Compares The Drake And Meek Mill Beef To High School

And some Jordans.

One of the questions persisting throughout Drake and Meek Mill's recent feud (and there were many) was, What is Rick Ross thinking?

Rozay is the founder and boss of Maybach Music Group, where Meek Mill is signed, and it's a partnership that helped bring Meek to national prominence a few years ago. But Ricky also has a tight and working relationship with Drake, and the two have made more than a handful of heaters together.

To him, the feud was something like high school.

"For me, my position, I think this is what's good for the culture," he said on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club." "Coming up in this game, I've seen it, we've all seen it: You will have skirmishes, you will have scrimmages, going for that number one spot. I feel like, Meek Mill being my little brother, and Drake being my little homie, I really feel like they was two little homies that was in high school, on the way from school, fought over a pair of Js. And when the new Js come out, they back cool."

He understands that people are doubting Meek and counting him out, but Rozay has no plans to do the same.

"This is what you gotta realize: This is a career," he said. "I just got off the phone with [Meek]. Right now he making some of the most powerful music he ever made. That's what this does. That's what I'm excited for. The next level. What's next? The small talk over with. What's next?"

When host Charlamagne paraphrased Drizzy's "Back to Back" line and suggested that the Philly rapper got "bodied by a singin' n---a," Ross was having none of it.

"Ain't nobody get bodied. If you think that was bodied, you buggin'," he said. "If you think Meek Mill through, you trippin'."

Time and new music will tell us whether or not Meek is through, but Ross was also on the show to prove that he's nowhere near through, either. He dropped his new single, "Sorry," featuring Chris Brown, and announced his album, Black Market, which will hit stores in December.