Thomas Middleditch Got In Bed With A Mystery Man For 'Middle Of The Night' Premiere

Can you guess who was under the sheets?

We're pretty sure we've never woken up with a stranger in our bed (well, maybe that one time), but if we did... we'd have a whole lot of questions. Just like Thomas Middleditch.

The actor, from HBO's "Silicon Valley" and the new film "The Final Girls," was given the very first "Middle of the Night Show" experience during the series premiere. Specifically, he was awakened from his sleep and made to host a surprise talk show right from his hotel room -- before hitting the streets of NYC.

Another "MOTNS" twist: Rather than have Middleditch announce his special guest for a boring interview, frontman Brian “Murph” Murphy and his crew threw their visitor under the sheets and had the actor try to guess who he was snuggling up to in a Q&A game called "Who's in Your Bed?"

Middleditch wasn't the only one in for a surprise: His mystery man also got a shock when everyone realized the star had been dozing in the buff. Yikes!

So who was the lucky bedfellow? Telling you would ruin it, so check out the clip below to see for yourself -- and don't miss the next episode of "Middle of the Night Show" Thursday at 11/10c.