Kim Kardashian Made A 'Martian' Parody That's Basically Just A Really Long Butt Joke

Bring him...home?

Matt Damon is stuck on Uranus, and Kim Kardashian is the key to bringing him home.

In a spoof of the Damon-starring lost-in-space epic "The Martian," which topped box offices this weekend, Matt Damon is the...well, you could say he's the butt of the joke.

The video, "Stuck on Uranus," will air on "Ellen" today (October 6). Basically, expect some extremely effective uses of the word "Uranus" swapped in for "Mars" and a brief but powerful cameo from the one and only Mrs. Kanye West. See, she's a noted Uranus expert. She's about to science the s--t outta Uranus.

Get it?

Damon has to explore the surface of Uranus!

Geeeeeet it? Ehhhh?

Check out the full video above.

"The Martian" is in theaters now.