Nancy Drew Is All Grown Up And Taking Her Sleuthing Skills To TV

'Do act mysterious. It always keeps them coming back for more.'

Step aside, Veronica Mars. The original mystery maven is totally getting back into action! And our favorite gumshoe is gonna be wearing blue next, too.

Nancy Drew -- for the uninitiated, she's basically the Hermione Granger of the detective world -- is heading to the small screen again, this time as a 30-something adult who lends her considerable brainpower to the New York Police Department and deals with all the ~life stuff~ that comes with being a modern city girl.

Which means, YAS, her uncanny sense of fashion is finally going to get its appropriate time-and-place canvas and she's going to be scouring the Big Apple for clues and fighting crime like a BOSS.

No word yet on whether the Hardy Boys'll tag along to trio it up in the CBS drama series, currently in development from the executive producers of "Grey's Anatomy" (but if they do, let's hope our dear Nancy stays front and center instead of getting phased out the way she was on the late '70s ABC show because otherwise ... RAGE).

So, go ahead and stock up on your plaid skirts and magnifying glasses because you're going to want to play along with this one for sure.