Sam Smith Is Caught In A Spy Game In The 'Writing's On The Wall' Video

Let the games begin.

Sam Smith's own "Spectre" saga played out like a spy movie itself. First, he diverted our attention, claiming he wasn't singing the theme song. Then he swung back around with a bit of coy misdirection and announced that, yup, actually he was.

And then, we finally heard "Writing's On The Wall," a sweeping, string-heavy James Bond theme worthy of the upcoming film for which it will serve as theme music. This is the very first Bond theme song to ever top the U.K.'s Official Top 100 Singles Chart, making it kind of a big deal in its own right.

The song's heavily Bond-centric music video dropped Sunday night, featuring clips from the upcoming film -- and we are totally ready to dive into this spy game.

As Smith sings pensively near a fleet of British flag-draped coffins, at the bottom of a lonely staircase and, finally, in the blue twilight of a dying day, we're treated to some seriously cool cuts from the film. The most striking one is of Bond (Daniel Craig) looking at his own name written in red (or blood?) literally on a wall -- with an ominous arrow pointing toward his fate.


But we know Bond. He can't let that faze him. Not when he's on the clock.

Even when he's up against the shadowy villains of the treacherous Spectre organization.

In rain, sleet or snow, Bond's at his best.

And Sam will be there, too.

It's unclear what Smith's role is in the video. My guess is he's just a wandering chanteuse, a chorus singer, a tuneful narrator. He roams with the memories of all he's seen, weighed down by the burden of it.