Tisha Cherry/Instagram

17 Ways Instagram Showed It Was Totally Appropriate To Play With Your Food

One Instagram artist proves that sometimes playing with food is truly an art form.

We've always been told to never play with our food, but Brooklyn-based artist Tisha Cherry is doing the exact opposite of that. Cherry, for years now, has been taking to Instagram with her delightful food art creations and conjuring up food and pop culture-based puns. So while "proper" manners dictate one should refrain from playing with their food, I think Cherry has proven that sometimes a little food-based art is worth it.

Here are 17 instances where playing with your food is highly recommended.

  1. When you're a Mets fan and proud of it!
  2. When you get that "Netflix and chill" text.
  3. When you're enjoying some Shake Shack and you think to yourself, "You know what would make this better? Some Japanese prints!"
  4. When Kanye announces his presidential bid and you're mid-tea sippage.
  5. When you're on a diet but you really want a taco.
  6. Even worse, when you want a pizza.
  7. When you're having a girls night out, so obviously the carbs don't count.
  8. When you can't decide: fruit or a hot dog?
  9. when you're having breakfast and you miss your childhood.
  10. When you think about that art history class you took last summer.
  11. When you contemplate the various meanings of "staying cool."
  12. When you're eating salad and you have to fool your body into believing it's "just ice cream."
  13. When you're trying to be flirty with bae.
  14. When that brain freeze hits.
  15. When you got a Kanye tune stuck in your head.

    "What she order...Chick-Fil-A?"

  16. When you're running through the 6.
  17. When it's World Nutella Day, and you realize we are all ~connected~.