You Can Listen To Two Strange New Kid Cudi Songs Right Now

"Wedding Tux" and "Judgemental C--t" may frighten you.

Kid Cudi's forthcoming Speedin' Bullet To Heaven album is, well, still forthcoming, unfortunately. It's gonna be a trip, too, as Cudi has talked extensively about how it features no synthesizers or electronic sounds and how he played all the instruments on it himself. With all that mind, we've been dying to hear exactly what an album-length all-Cudi studio creation could sound like.

So far, we've only heard "Confused," which sounded extremely '90s alt-inspired. But luckily for us, Cudi just dropped two new tracks, presumably from Speedin' Bullet To Heaven, on his Soundcloud page.

The first one, lavishly titled "Wedding Tux," is based around an acoustic guitar pattern that sounds vaguely Beatles-esque. The lyrics, however, are far from the celebratory attire the title suggests. "Now the maggots and vultures feast/ I can't wait to be rotten meat," Cudi sings -- yes, sings, kinda -- as the hypnotic strumming rhythms rolls onward.

The next cut, very NSFW-ly titled "Judgemental C--t," is frighteningly lo-fi with acerbic drumming and a driving bass line ripped straight from an underground disco in Berlin in 1979. Which is all to say, it's way more punk than hip-hop. It's fascinating.

So, uh, Cudi -- when can we hear all these together as a proper album? That might answer some of the questions we have now. Or hey, maybe not at all. We'll just have to wait and see.