Wait, Is Katy Perry Traveling By Cat? Jealous!

Check out this Instagram photo from Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour.

This is so many of our dreams realized.

While some people might dream of one day rolling through town in a fancy car, we'd much rather be carried everywhere by a bunch of cats like Katy Perry is in this Instagram photo from the Prismatic World Tour. And here we were, worried that she had turned into a dog person thanks to that pomeranian. Phew!

Technically, the "Birthday" singer is casually sprawled in the arms of four humans dressed as cats, but we're still adding the pic to our "Life Goalz" Pinterest board. I mean, there aren't a lot of pictures out there of people being carried by real-life kitties, so we can't exactly be too picky right now.

Mmmmm, just think of all the perks of traveling by cat. Those engine growls would be replaced by a gentle purring, for one, and instead of heading to the car wash once a month, you could just let your mode of transport clean itself! You would have to check for hairballs regularly, but that's a trade we're willing to make.

Oh, and don't even get us started on the money you'd save on gas! But then again, your Friskies budget would probably balance out to the same expense. Meh, that's what buying in bulk is for. Now drive, cats! DRIVE.

Photo credit: Katy Perry's Instagram