Even Ariana Grande's Naps Are Adorable

Check out this Instagram photo of Ariana Grande taking a nap.

Ariana Grande's naps are the best naps of all the naps.

Does the Smithsonian have a National Cuteness Museum yet? No? Well, get on that, AMERICA, because we need a place to preserve this Instagram photo of Ariana Grande taking a nap for posterity.

We've also got some pictures of penguins wearing sweaters and kittens playing peekaboo, but we can work out the details later.

The adorable energy radiating off of Ari's photo is UNREAL. I mean, it's not like we expected anything less from the "Problem" singer. It makes sense that someone who serves up such beyond-flawless selfies while awake is probably none too shabby in front of the camera, even when unconscious.

It's just, well, some small part of us was hoping to catch her with a little bedhead, some creases on her face caused by wrinkly sheets, or even a smidgen of drool on that monogrammed pillow. But, alas! There are absolutely ZERO flaws to be found.

She even smiles when she sleeps! Not even a hint of mouth-breathing, bb? C'MON, just let us have this one thing...

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram