7 Reasons We're Keeping Our Dream Reunion Dreams Alive

Here's why we're still obsessed with a Dream reunion!

Let's re-live the dream.

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday (not to mention using our platform to obsess over our middle-school faves), let's take a sec to praise the short-lived, though thoroughly flawless girl group Dream. We've demanded that this pop group reunite before, and we're about to do it again. Get ready.

Contemporaries of 3LW on the Y2K-era pop scene, Dream was composed of Holly Blake-Arnstein, Ashley Poole, Diana Ortiz, and Melissa Schulman at the height of their "TRL" success, with Kasey Sheridan replacing Schulman in 2002.

The four-piece disbanded a year later, but Poole, Ortiz, and Schulman have talked about getting the band back together (sometimes as Lady Phoenix) ever since. We think we speak for everyone when we say PLZ DO, and here are seven reasons why they absolutely should.

1.) They learned from the best.

Here's why we're still obsessed with a Dream reunion!

Signed to Bad Boy Records, Dream predated Danity Kane as Diddy's original girl-group protégés. According to a May 2001 issue of Rolling Stone, he even took the girls bowling at New York's Chelsea Piers and gave 'em each a baby-blue Tiffany box containing, as Diana described them, "the most beautiful necklaces."

Cuteness aside, they had to have picked up some seriously helpful record-industry know-how. I mean, you don't just casually kick it under the wing of one of music's biggest titans and not learn the ins and outs of the business, right?

2.) This is me... boppin'.

We haven't even mentioned what complete and total JAMS are packed into Dream's tragically limited back catalog, particularly debut singles "He Loves U Not" and "This Is Me."

Admittedly, the production is super-Y2K, but the infectious hooks and frenetic, bubblegum beats -- you can literally hear bubbles popping -- are some of the tightest the "TRL" era produced.

3.) It wasn't all a dream.

Lest you rely on our completely subjective, totally obsessed opinion, remember that It Was All A Dream peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, with "He Loves U Not" and "This Is Me" reaching No. 2 and No. 39 on the Hot 100, respectively.

And, hello? They even had one of their videos retired on "TRL"! If you don't know what those words mean in this context, then just trust us that is a VERY big deal.

In a February 2001 review for Rolling Stone, Arion Berger described the lead single as having "whipping elasticity and sass to spare." Hmmm, perhaps enough to carry Dream into 2014?

4.) From sweet dream to beautiful nightmare

We can't help but feel like Dream's breakup was beyond their control. Sure, Melissa Schulman chose to quit to pursue acting in 2002, but we assume that none of the remaining members would have shelved their follow-up LP, Reality, for five years if they were making the calls.

Plus, Holly Blake-Arnstein revealed in a 2006 MTV News interview that Dream 2.0 weren't entirely cool with their new, more mature look, which they felt they'd been pressured into.

Check out 2003's "Krazy" featuring Loon above to see what she's talking about. We like it -- totally here for any entry into the flawless "GIRLS IN DESERTS" Tumblr -- but you can definitely see a conscious, slightly forced-looking shift towards a sexier image.

5.) Girl powah!

Here's why we're still obsessed with a Dream reunion!

As anyone who knows ANYTHING about current global happenings can tell you, Danity Kane are readying their imminent return to the music scene. Plus, rising pop mainstays like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix prove that girl groups are totally having another moment.

But, even if Dream don't want to reunite so permanently, that's cool, too! Destiny's Child has a mini-moment of sisterhood during Beyoncé's 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, and, like, *NSYNC did the same at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, if we wanna include boy bands. (Spoiler alert: WE DO.)

Basically, whatever YOU are ready for, ladies, WE are ready for.

6.) Thirsty? They're hungry.

Watch this reality show reel from 2010, which features peak members Ashley Poole, Diana Ortiz, and Melissa Schulman planning their comeback. Sure, this series never got picked up, but it shows that these three women are still totally giving their all to get back in the game.

7.) "Anything can happen."

As much as you probably want to keep listening to us blabber on about how "YOUR Y2K GIRL-GROUP FAVES COULD NEVER" and all that, why not hear what a Dream member has to say?

Here's Melissa Schulman in a YouTube confessional from January 2014: "Right now, everyone's getting back together: Danity Kane, Spice Girls... That's pretty much it. My point being, I'm going to make an effort this year to be prepared for anything... I'm not saying that Dream's getting back together because I have no control over that, but I guess anything can happen."

You hear that? ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. We know we shouldn't get our hopes up, but we also know that eating mozzarella cheese with every meal's not that great for us, either. Does that stop us? NOPE. Can't wait for this dream to become a reality at last.

Photo credit: Getty Images, Bad Boy