Wait, Are These Rihanna's Demure Prom Photos?!

Rihanna 1

Rihanna, will you be everyone's prom date -- PLEASE?!

With it being Throwback Thursday and all, we FLIPPED when we first saw this photo of Rihanna. That demure pink dress! Those pearl accessories! Zero butt tan lines on display! We immediately assumed that this was her long-lost prom photo -- but we guess wrong.

Actually, the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer was aboard the Dior Cruise Fashion Show held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. But, like, brushing elbows with A-listers at a high-fashion party is basically the exact same thing as stepping on Stephanie Manziani's train at prom, right? Right??

Rihanna 2

All hail, prom queen of all the proms, Rihanna!

We guess the biggest difference is that while we were drinking watered-down punch and dodging some dude desperately in need of a breath mint, Rih's sipping pricey champagne while chatting up all of her wealthy and fashionable BFFs. Anyone got a tissue? Or seven?! #weeping

Even if Rihanna's not going to prom, we're still going to award her the title of prom queen at every prom court in America -- even Canada! Well, time to hand over your crowns, would-be school-rulers. ALL OF THEM.

Photo Credit: Getty Images