Wait, Is Ariana Grande Vogueing?

Check out this photo of Ariana Grande and a friend vogueing on Instsagram.

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it -- at least if you're Ariana Grande.

You know how when you channel "Vogue" or "Paris Is Burning" and strike a pose, you look like a dork? Well, when Ariana Grande does it with BFF Sascha West, she looks like a flawless, divine creature worthy of being sculpted in marble and placed in a museum for humanity to idolize her for generations to come. Speaking of which...

Why is life so unfair?!

From serving us flawless fishface selfies to casually enjoying a lollipop while propped up on top of a motorcycle, the chart-crushing "Problem" singer basically has a black belt in H2T modeling at this point.

Not to make everything about us (TOO LATE), but why's Ariana gotta remind us of how basic we are with every move she makes? Oh, that reminds us...

Why is life so unfair?!

Wait, at least we think that Ari's trying to vogue in this photo, what with the hand placement and all. Either that, or girlfriend needs to start paying WAY better attention in yoga class.

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram