Justin Bieber, That Giant Brown Hat Looks Mighty Familiar!

Justin with Japanese Beliebers and the hat!

Literally our face anytime Justin's name is mentioned TBH.

Hmmm, Justin Bieber's hat in this Instagram photo from Japan looks REALLY familiar to us. Like, some recent, viral phenomenon related to millinery... It's coming to us... Wait... Oh, right! THIS.

Pharrel's hat

OG hat meme king.

Did Pharrell Williams lend the "Confident" crooner a ready-to-wear, cream-banded version of the hat that launched 1,000 memes? Could JB possibly be paying homage to the "Marilyn Monroe" singer's steez? Maybe Justin's just a really big "Inspector Gadget" fan? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Justin Bieber's hat

Damn, you got some wicked style, Justin.

Justin showed off another shot of what might be The Hat on Instagram, captioning: "Harajuku." In case you didn't know, Harajuku's a district in Shibuya, Tokyo that's basically the epicenter of Japanese street style. Where better for Justin "I am fashion" Bieber to kick it across the Pacific? Definitely better than what awaited him at LAX...

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram