Cody Simpson Chilling By A Pool Is Our Summer Dream Realized

Cody Simpson by the pool

Cody Simpson by the pool makes waiting for summer worth it.

Cody Simpson, a pool, warm sunshine, no one else in sight -- it's just all too perfect. We're not even going to make a big fuss that Cody's not showing off his abs in this Instagram photo! OK... We're still makin' a little fuss, but whatever.

Non-nudity-related bitterness aside, the caption reveals that Cody was on location to work: "Exclusive live interpretation of Surfboard featuring sounds by my brother @kharrari, for will be up next week!"

Cody Simpson playin' guitar by the pool

 An acoustic version of "Surfboard?" YES, PLEASE.

Back it up. Sid we just learn that, like, ANOTHER version of "Surfboard" on its way?!?!

Forget waiting the remaining 57 days until summer officially begins -- we're busting out the Slip'N Slide indoors to celebrate this epic news! Don't tell our landlord, 'kay? #StillEvicted

Photo credit: Cody Simpson's Instagram