It's Shirtless Austin Mahone To The Rescue!

It's shirtless Austin Mahone the superhero! BRB, coveting this Instagram photo.

Save us Shirtless Austin Mahone-man!

And, here we thought that Austin Mahone was just a heartthrob mortal, taking the world by storm with his musical talents and charm. But according to his new Instagram photo, the "MMM Yeah" singer's got a superhero alter ego.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Shirtless Austin Mahone-man, with his sidekick, Also Shirtless Guy the Boy Wonder! Look, they've got capes and everything.

So, what do you think his superpowers are? Maybe his shirtless perfection can blind an opponent, kinda like looking directly at the sun with a magnifying glass? Or, maybe it's his bed head, which can paralyze a foe with its high tousle factor? No, wait! We bet it's that Austin's abs have abs!

Listen, we could continue discussing all of Austin's completely fictional superpowers for the rest of our lives, or we could just helplessly flail our arms in the hopes of getting his attention so that he can save us from the puddle of drool we're currently drowning in.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram / GIF: