Boy & Bear Go Pyro, Torch A Dollhouse In 'Bridges' Video

Watch Boy & Bear's new "Bridges" video.

Boy & Bear play with matches in the folk-rock band's latest video.

Let's hope that nobody in Boy & Bear is claustrophobic. In the Australian band's new "Bridges" video, the five-piece squeeze into a tiny dollhouse floor plan, where their heads rest next to miniature beds, couches, and kitchen accoutrements. It's very Gulliver's Travels, just soundtracked by cool indie rock -- no disrespect to Jack Black.

The group's sun-kissed new material conjures up the beardy folk-rock of My Morning Jacket and Fleet Foxes (not to mention Fleetwood Mac). The latest Harlequin Dream track offers boastful lyrics like "I'm in a rock 'n' roll band/ That makes me more of a man," which are undercut by the pain of melancholy chords.

Boy & Bear avoid literally burning a bridge in the song's video, but -- ahem -- something's got to go up in flames! In this case, the band strikes up a few matches and can't resist setting the tiny home ablaze. (Cue the "Beavis and Butt-Head" "Fire! Fire!" shouts.) Guess boys and bears will be boys... And bears.

+ Watch Boy & Bear's "Bridges" video.

Photo credit: Luke Kellet