Katy Perry Dropped Her Surreal 'Birthday' Teaser & We Sped Up Her Aging Process With 1 Glorious GIF

Watch Katy Perry's "Birthday" video teaser, and check out this gif.

Meet Katy Perry Goldie, the world's first, um, everything.

Wait, is Katy Perry trying to snatch Eddie Murphy's "Man of 1,000 Characters" title? The new teaser for her "Birthday" video is literally so full of out-there characters, and each one's more unrecognizable than the last.

Titled "World's Worst Birthday Entertainers," Katy's preview introduces us to some of Katy's "friends." And, with all due respect to @lil_prncessmandee, our fave has got to be Goldie, the washed-up yet lovable Vegas sea hag draped in a dress cut down to there. *points to sub-basement*

Since the "Birthday" singer played a slightly fresher showgirl in "Waking Up In Vegas" AND dressed up as an older version of herself in "The One That Got Away," we thought it'd be fun to document Katy's journey from "promising young dancer" to "washed-up showgirl" in one epic GIF. Behold, as the lucky lady in her prime morphs into the Copacabana's hottest has-been!

Watch Katy Perry's "Birthday" video teaser, and check out this age morph gif.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Birthday" video teaser.

Photo credit: Capitol / GIF: MTV