Rihanna's 4/20 Celebration: Pasties, Sunsets, Selfies & Love

Rihanna on 4/20

Nothing says "Happy 4/20!" like pasties.

In addition to Easter, yesterday was also 4/20 (basically Festivus of weed, FYI), and its patron saint, Rihanna, celebrated with BFF Melissa Forde in the most platonically Rih-mantic way possible!

"The Monster" singer showed off a festive selfie on Instagram, where she's rocking a mesh unitard complete with marijuana-leaf pasties. Then, things took a turn for the "Thelma & Louise" -- minus the whole, um, driving over a cliff thing. #Sorry #SpoilerAlert

Rih + Melissa

No BFFs have ever had more fun, and no two ever will.

"I'll be here every 420," the oral-health activist noted on Instagram. The pals that slay together, stay together, amirite?

Rihanna & Mel on 4/20

"'Cause that's what friends are for..."

Melissa obvs had to share in the festivities, too, and together they basically proved that no other BFFs in the history of female companionship have ever reached such heights of chillness and fun. Are you guys looking for another bestie? 'Cause we're totally ready, willing, and able to wipe up the ashes hang and stuff.

Rih's feet

And they ride relax into the sunset...

"Just me and my @mdollas11 #420," Rih captioned another Instagram photo. It looks like the two wound down their holiday by lounging at sunset, probably talking about a certain maybe-boyfriend named Drake, but still knowing that no matter which dudes come and go, they'll always have each other.

Can these two make a buddy movie already? Plz, thx, and bai.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram, Melissa Forde's Instagram