Miley Cyrus FaceTimed With Her Dog, Who Can Apparently Use An iPhone

Miley Cyrus FaceTimed with dog Mary Jane from the hospital.

Miley and Mary Jane on FaceTime, NOTHIN' TO SEE. 

After seeing this photo that Miley Cyrus tweeted of her FaceTiming with her beloved pooch, Mary Jane, we're signing our dog up for a workshop at the Apple Store, like, yesterday.

The "Adore You" singer, who is still stuck in the hospital recuperating from her allergic reaction to antibiotics, added: "FaceTime with my baby from the hosppppyyy." Erm, not to go too off-topic, but has anyone on Miley's team notified the Guinness World Records people yet?

While we were super-impressed by that dog who dialed 911 to save his own life, our Googling deep, investigative research indicates that MJ is the first of her species to master the smartphone. Which begs the question: Does Mary Jane knows how to take selfies like Ariana Grande's dog, Ophelia? Speaking of which, WHY DOES THIS DOG HAVE HER OWN iPHONE?!

Basically, MJ's the luckiest, smartest dog ever. We hope that she continues challenging herself to learn new human activities, because there is literally nothing more that we look forward to in the future than this:

Miley Cyrus FaceTimed with dog Mary Jane from the hospital.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus / GIF: Alexander the Innocent's Tumblr