TMI, But Our Fave Part Of Jared Leto's Insane Outfit Is...

Jared Leto's got a cool space outfit.

Jared Leto wears the entire Urban Outfitters clearance rack, and we're not mad.

When Jared Leto's not busy crafting lyric-video love letters to the Echelon (see "Bright Lights"), the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman's writing love letters for OUR EYES on Instagram. Case in point, this latest photo of Jare-bear, which is obviously so fashion-forward that we all need to take a seat to process it.

There's clearly a lot to unpack in the MTV Movie Award winner's getup, so we'll just let Jared explain it himself: "Hawaiian shirt. Thai boxing shorts. Space tights. #weirdbutcomfy."

Tropical-print top? Check. Southeast-Asian athletic attire? Check. Intergalactic, form-fitting bottoms? Check. Weirdly comfortable yet comfortably weird? CHECK. Um, except we feel like the "Do Or Die" singer left out one of his outfit's most crucial elements: DEM NIPS!!!!

Check out Jared Leto's insane Instagram outfit.

I'm thinking it. You're thinking it. We're all thinking it. Now, we're off to go Zazzle this image onto a t-shirt, which we are DEFINITELY not going to use to dress our Jared Leto body pillow that we DEFINITELY don't own.

Photo credit: Jared Leto's Instagram / GIF: E Online