Kesha's Selfie Caption Is, Like, Our New Mantra

Kesha's rainbow-hair selfie caption is our new mantra.

Say it with us and repeat 100 times: "Truth, freedom, rainbows."

We totally respect Kesha's decision to lay low following her brave, inspiring return from rehab, where she had checked herself in last January to seek treatment for an eating disorder.

Still, we're not about to pass up the chance to obsessively #BowDown to this new rainbow-haired selfie that the "Timber" singer posted on Instagram.

Maybe it's all of the referential kneeling we're doing, but is this photo's caption ("#truth #freedom #rainbows") not a totally great mantra for meditation?! C'mon, chant with us! Pssst, the hashtags are silent.




Based on our two-disc collection of yoga DVDs extensive yogi training, we can tell you that meditation is a spiritual practice that has been around for literally, like, a lot of years. The impact of repeating meaningful words clears the soul, and... stuff.

Anyone have three easy installments of $14.99 lying around? We could really use disc No. 3 right about now.

Photo credit: Kesha's Instagram