Why Won't You RSVP To OUR Bridal Shower, Taylor Swift?!

Taylor Swift attended a fan's bridal shower.

We can only keep inviting you to fake bridal showers for so long, Taylor.

See this Instagram photo? That's Taylor Swift attending mega-Swifty Gena Gabrielle's bridal shower, and we are, quiet frankly, fatally verklempt. "Love," Gena captioned, and, um, yeah -- THAT'S HOW WE FEEL ABOUT TAYLOR, TOO.

Meanwhile, every time WE invite the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer to hit up one of our biweekly bridal showers that we host for the explicit purpose of luring Taylor to hang out with us and talk stemware 'n' shiz, she never shows!

It's not like Taylor's been answering our phone calls, but we did hope that our numerous "Taylor Swift Plz Attend This Bridal Shower Plz"-themed invites would've changed her mind. #Hrmph

Pardon us, while we open our Barefoot Contessa cookbook (#shameless), because if Ina Garten's cooking can't get Taylor to hit up our next outrageously fake bridal shower, then nothing will.

Taylor Swift attended a fan's bridal shower.

Photo credit: Gena Gabrielle's Instagram / GIF: Unbroken's Tumblr