The Summer Set's 'Lightning In A Bottle' Video Is Giving Us So Much Life

Watch The Summer Set's "Lightning In A Bottle" video.

Don't forget to thank The Summer Set for bringing you back to life!

We may still have 73 days to go until summer officially starts (not that we're obsessively counting or anything), but that's no reason not to start soundtracking our lives with some total contenders for Song of the Summer. That's where The Summer Set's "Lightning In A Bottle" video comes into play.

The Daniel Carberry-directed clip features the Scotsdale, AZ five-piece -- that's lead singer Brian Dales, guitarist John Gomez, bassist Stephen Gomez, guitarist Josh Montgomery, and drummer Jess Bowen -- breaking into a cold, abandoned industrial warehouse and warming it up with a little help from an LED light system and their ridiculously charismatic selves.

After the MEANEST WINTER EVER that we had this past year, we wouldn't blame you if you were all: "Wait, like, what's this whole 'warmth' thing of which you speak????" Trust us when we say that watching the Legendary track's high-energy video is like taking an afternoon nap under the sun's loving rays -- minus the whole sunburn thing.

It's probably important to note that some of the heat we're feeling is probably from trying to imitate all of frontman Brian's energetic dance moves. (#SWEATING #BUCKETS) Hmmmm, since we've only got 73 days until swimsuit season, that's probably not such a bad thing...

+ Watch The Summer Set's "Lighting In A Bottle" video.

Photo credit: Fearless Records