Wrathschild, Fefe Dobson, Guy Sebastian + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!"

This week's roundup features one pop duo's long-awaited debut, a dance-floor anthem by the original Australian Idol, and a thunderously triumphant return to form by one of the industry's true divas.

Listen to MTV Buzzworthy's 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week.

1.) Wrathschild, "Fall Into Love"

Behold: Wrathschild is born. The bouncing bundle of electro-pop joy, a creative collaboration between two of Buzzworthy's favorite independent acts -- Simon Curtis and Ro "Wolfy" Danishei -- has finally come into being this week with "Fall Into Love," their debut single over two years in the making.

Surrounded by epic-sounding, space-age production crossed with tribal chants and exotic drums, the duo nostalgically make their case for the courtship rituals of yesteryear: "It'll be like in the movies with your bass pumpin' in the night," they earnestly coo in unison on the earworm of a chorus. It's a powerful debut -- and possibly the missing theme song from a John Hughes classic.

+ Listen to Wrathschild's "Fall Into Love."

2.) Fefe Dobson, "In Better Hands"

The last time we heard from Canadian queen Fefe Dobson, she was busy leaving a "Legacy" in our music libraries. This year, she's back for more -- and in better hands, thank you very much.

Going back to her musical roots, the guitar-led pop-rock anthem recalls the very best of the early-'00s, angst-pop generation. (Think "Complicated"-era Avril Lavigne or Fefe's own "Take Me Away.") "Three strikes, we tried, you know I'm in better hands," Fefe declares on the hook-heavy break-up track. Translation: She's so over this.

+ Watch Fefe Dobson's "In Better Hands" video.

3.) M.O, "For A Minute"

There must be something in the water over in the U.K., because the girl groups they're churning out at the moment (hey, Little Mix!) are serving up all sorts of late '90s/early '00s R&B realness.

Up-and-coming trio M.O have just unveiled a breezy jam dedicated to the guy that's just GOT to back up and give 'em some space: "You've only known me for a minute," the girls caution above blaring horns and a tripping beat that calls Amerie's "1 Thing" to mind. Stick around for a while, M.O, won't you?

+ Watch M.O's "For A Minute" video.

4.) Guy Sebastian, "Like A Drum"

As Kelly Clarkson is to America, O.G. "Australian Idol" Season 1 winner Guy Sebastian has become a certifiable superstar in his home country -- and beyond. (Remember his 2012 track "Battle Scars" with Lupe Fiasco?) In 2014, he's got his sights set on global domination with the immediately infectious, hook-heavy "Like A Drum," a surging blast of power-pop that topped the charts last year in Australia.

With a peppy One Direction-lite chant and a throbbing pulse that wouldn't sound too out of place at an EDM festival, the euphoric dance-floor jam could be just the ticket to another stateside Hot 100 hit.

+ Watch Guy Sebastian's "Like A Drum" video.

5.) Anastacia, "Stupid Little Things"

Anastacia's not out of love just yet! Having triumphed in her battle against breast cancer last year, the prolific pop princess known for jams like "I'm Outta Love," "Paid My Dues," and "Left Outside Alone" (not to mention her iconic array of tinted glasses!) is back in 2014 with a triumphant new album, Resurrection.

"Stupid Little Things" is the almighty lead single off of the upcoming LP, and it's basically the perfect sequel to "Left Outside Alone." "Now I know what love is worth in a broken world," she cries out above a crashing, thunderous chorus. It's a stunning return to form, and proof that Anastacia's a true survivor.

+ Watch Anastacia's "Stupid Little Things" video.

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