Video Premiere: Feeling Low? Hunter Hayes' 'Invisible' Will Get You Through Today

Watch Hunter Hayes' new video for "Invisible."

Hunter Hayes' "Inivisble" video is your official pick-me-up for the day.

Have you ever felt invisible? Looks like Hunter Hayes wrote you a song. The country-pop MTV Artist To Watch alum (and 2014 Grammy Awards performer) goes for full-on inspirational in the video for his latest single, "Invisible."

The clip opens on a night drive amidst gleaming lights, but the '80s-synth nightmare of "Drive," this is not. Instead, the video features vignettes of people down on their luck or faced with a rough situation -- a mother ignored by her son, a girl picked on in class, a hungry kid coming home to an empty fridge.

Soon, in comes Hunter to the rescue: "Hear me out/ There's so much more to life than what you're feeling now," Hayes sings as the country-pop track swells to an electric climax. Some nifty special effects help the actors bring the song's title to life, but as Hayes delivers an emotional guitar solo, they go from fading to glowing. That's the power of music, y'all.

"Invisible" is more than just your new pick-me-up anthem: Hayes is contributing a share of the single's sales to Feeding America, so you should feel extra great and not at all guilty about gifting a copy to everyone in your social-media circles.

+ Watch Hunter Hayes' "Invisible" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic