In The 'Rat A Tat' Video, Fall Out Boy Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet: Courtney Love

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Rat A Tat" video featuring Courtney Love.

Fall Out Boy vs. Courtney Love, place your bets now!

Over the course of the The Young Blood Chronicles video series, we've seen the Fall Out Boy gang bound, kidnapped, electrocuted, turned evil, hitchhike with Foxes, chased by a pack of scary tweens, fight their way through a haunted hospital, tangle with Tommy Lee, and, even more exciting than all of that, hang out with 2 Chainz!

In "Rat A Tat," the ninth installment in FOB's 11-part epic, the guys confront their biggest challenge yet:Courtney Love.

As the DONALD/ZAEH-directed clip opens, Patrick Stump is being held prisoner by a group of militant young women, hell-bent on stopping the music. (All of it.) It's "Courtney, bitch," as the Hole frontwoman introduces herself, who is the evil, record-smashing ringleader of this industrial warehouse. (Where all villains seem to hold office hours, apparently.)

This time, Stump's torture comes in the form of electrocution, but, much like when he was being operated on by zombie nurses, you just can't stop him from singing. THE POWER OF MUSIC, or something.

"Courtney has still got it," Pete Wentz said of the rock veteran to Rolling Stone. "When she walked into the room, she commanded it. Turns out the bullhorn was not necessary." That same kind of command is present in Stump's shouts of "Are you ready for another bad poem?" and in the careening, pop-rock track's militaristic backing vocals.

Speaking of military, Wentz and drummer Andy Hurley have armed themselves with some dangerous-looking drum and guitar weapons. In other words, music is a weapon -- it all just depends on whether you use it for good or ill.

+ Watch Fall Out Boy's "Rat A Tat" video featuring Courtney Love.

Photo credit: Island Def Jam