Travel Vicariously To Europe With Mayday Parade In Their Brand-New Tour Diary!


Don't mind if we do join Mayday Parade's trip to Europe.

Mayday Parade have been doing a great job of documenting, you know, everything they're up to for fans this year, from their time in the recording studio finishing Monsters In The Closet to their adventures on the road.

The Tallahassee pop-punk ghostbusters' latest post card comes from in the middle of their Monsters tour. (PS: They're in Europe RIGHT now! How much is a flight to Italy? *Looks up flight* SWERVE! Uh, let's watch the tour diary instead.)

"It's really awesome to be able to travel the world and play music," Alex Garcia explains in their tour video. "Growing up, you read about them in school, or you see them in movies, TV shows, hear about it on the news. So growing up, you always have these images of like, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or something. So it's great to be able to have the opportunity to go to these countries and see these things, and really experience another culture."

One thing that that transcends all national borders? Pop-punk. It's the universal language of kids everywhere. And of this writer's heart, nagganalie.

Mayday Parade finishes up their stint in Europe this week before heading off to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Can't wait to hit up Asia with you, Mayday!

+ Watch Mayday Parade's Monsters Overseas Tour Diary video.

Photo credit: Fearless Records