These R. Kelly Valentines Are The Perfect Way To Tell That Special Someone That You Wanna Make It Rain Chocolate

Valentine's Day is nigh, and what better way to tell the special someone you're in a totally committed, monogamous, completely healthy and supportive romantic relationship that you truly care for them and wanna make them yodelay with their legs in the air and/or take your key and stick it in the ignition after the after-party than with the meaningful moments expressed in these R. Kelly Valentine's.

Who better to help express your most loving Valentine sentiments than purveyor of every position, master of metaphor, the founding father of foreplay wordplay, the man responsible for the conception of "billions" of babies, the bard who effortlessly rhymed "painless" with "Uranus", Robert Sylvester Kelly.

Print them out and share them! They're the perfect way of saying "I wanna get you pregnant" or telling that extra special someone that you wanna make it rain chocolate.





Credit: Getty Images/ MTV