Hey, Before You Exit? Not To Be All Creepy, But We're Becoming Seriously Obsessed With You

Get to know up-and-comping pop rock band of brothers, Before You Exit

We know you're still mourning the Jonas Brothers breakup and, honestly, SO ARE WE. But you know what's one good way to cope? Aside from consistently staring at the adorable photo of oldest JoBro Kevin's new baby Alena Rose?! Getting to know another obsession-worthy band of brothers, Before You Exit!

The Orlando, Florida-based bros -- Riley, Connor and Toby -- are primed for pop takeover. And nope -- it's not just cause they're budding heartthrobs, or because they each have great hair. Nay, these dudes can sing. And in brotherly-curated, share-the-same-DNA-inspired harmonies, to boot.

Take their new single, "I Like That," from their EP of the same name. We're getting early Jonas vibes ("Burnin' Up" nostalgia, anyone?), mixed with the soaring sugary pop of Up All Night era One Direction (hence that "What Makes You Beautiful" cover that's been streamed over  8 million times) meets like, Austin Mahone's bouncy "Say You're Just A Friend."

And while we've been on their trail (again, not to sound creepy, because SERIOUSLY we're trying our hardest not to move into clinger territory) ever since they toured with Allstar Weekend and All Time Low, released "End Of The World" and toured with Olly Murs and Cody Simpson. But, as Stevie Nicks so deftly declared, "I'm getting older too," and so are the boys (Toby's 16, Riley's 18 and Connor's a 20-year-old piece of legal man meat) and our boy crush is kinda turning into a man crush.

Don't believe us? Check out their "I Like That" video, and catch them on their "The Dangerous Tour." (We're specifically interested in seeing what kind of danger they're capable of getting us into.)

Photo credit: Before You Exit